Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Start of Something New

I'm new to this sea of diversity. A San Francisco, California newbie. Its a lot to get used to. I'm from a small town in the California Central Valley, where dreams run high and opportunities fall low. So I came here, and I'm here... to begin my new journey. In a city full of opportunity, I was brought down with a lot of negativity. In my first months here I became a self-centered being. It seemed to be the overall attitude of many downtown locals. The workers in the financial district, the big shots, the women in their all black suits. I soon thought the job, the nightlife, and the clothes would be what would satisfy me here. Soon enough, I was left left unhappy, stressed, and lonely. My priorities were offset. Through this realization, I came to know that love, family, true friends, happiness, gratitude, and compassion are components of what I should have been surrounding myself with all along. I made love a priority, making sure my boyfriend would never feel neglected from our long distance relationship. I made sure my family knew that I cared for them, and that visits would never be rushed. My friends would know that my love for them was infinite, and loyalty untarnished. I began writing down all that I'm blessed with, notes of happiness, and things to be thankful for. Reminders of the everyday beautiful life that I had not been acknowledging. Yoga, kale, love, the ocean, chia seeds, laughter, kombucha, long walks, baking, friendship, and crafting are just a few of the simple things that made me smile big big big. I now want to share my happiness with everyone. And with A Lotta Love, maybe that'll be a possibility. 


Love, Bianca.

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