Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Movie Love!

I have found my favorite movie. A love story, written and created in such a beautiful, magical, and hysterical way.  Ruby Sparks is a phenomenon. Watch it! Love it!

Love, Bianca.

Love where you live!

We were at Pleasure Point.  An amazing local surf spot in Santa Cruz, CA. It was a gorgeous day. I can't believe I live here now. My transition has been somewhat rocky, but getting to look at this everyday has made it all worth it. Do you love where you live? Feeling good  and loving your community plays a definite role in your overall happiness. Just keep that in mind, friends. 


Love, Bianca.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall and Winter Nostalgia

I came home this weekend, and couldn't be more content. The air has cooled and the leaves have just barely begun to change from emerald to gold and scarlet. I feel like eating a Thanksgiving dinner on the floor of a wheat field, like hiking up to the hills to cut down the most perfect Christmas tree (preferably a douglas fir). I am yearning to sit beside a warm fire my father made while watching our favorite holiday movie. Peppermint tea in hand. These are my childhood wishes, imaginings, and pastimes that have all rushed back to me with my coming home this early November. I can't wait for the actual holidays to be here. This year they will feel the most special since I haven't been living at home. Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house, Christmas with the cousins, who feel like my long lost siblings. Drinking all the cider with them, getting mischievous with the wine, being silly at the dinner table, laughing with/at our drunken parents, exchanging gifts, waking up early after Christmas for Starbucks Holiday drinks... I just can't wait to see them. This year, I want to relive my wonderful memories of the holidays. I'm  so fond of them. 

Please enjoy your family, friends, or whoever you may be sharing this special time of year with. Appreciate one another, share your love and laughter with them! 

Cheers to the Season!

Love, Bianca.