Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get Your ZZZZZ's

Sleep is the best. It's one of nature's greatest gifts. A healing process and a getaway; sleeping well is very necessary for the body to function properly. I'm always a much more positive individual after a great night's rest. I feel happy, alert, and confident to take on the day in the best possible way. The recommendation for enough sleep is 7-9 hours each night, uninterrupted! So all that tossing and turning at night is preventing you from getting TRULY restful and beneficial sleep. Some simple and easy tips for getting to bed and staying asleep:
1. Stretch to promote relaxation: before bed, release all the tension and stress you built up during the day. 

2. Turn the lights down low: Lower the lighting in your room and bathroom with candles or a small lamp. Lower lighting will promote the secretion of the melatonin hormone in the brain, which is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. 

3. Skip out on the TV: Nightly television shows almost always keep me up longer than I planned on.. And after the show, I'm completely wired from the bright flashing screen and intriguing storyline and can't fall asleep. 

4. Temperature: it's a huge factor in the quality of your sleep. It's the biggest reason why my slumber is disrupted. My advice is to keep the air around you cooler by cracking open a window or to leave a small, minimal noisemaking fan on through the night. It's better to be a little chilly and to pull over the covers then to wake up drenching in sweat, all hot and bothered.  

5. Lastly: nighttime tea, aromatherapy, and warm showers! All relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable methods to help get you to bed. 

Sweet Dreams!

Love, Bianca. 

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