Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Morning Beautiful Life!

Waking up to a gorgeous overcast morning is just what I needed. I opened the window to feel the cool ocean breezes coming up from the Pacific a couple miles away. I woke up my body with some stretching, had a cup of yummy green tea, chatted with my bests, and am so far having a beautiful and successful morning. It feels so great to begin a morning in a such a way. Morning time is usually the foundation for the rest of your day. Having a little time to treat your body and mind to a little TLC, is going to keep you positive minded and smiling through the day. 

Morning routine advice: 

1. Starts the night before: Write down true things you are absolutely grateful for, things that you already have in your life. Friends, family, possessions, etc. Also create a small list of happy thoughts and reminders. This is for a morning time message to yourself.

2. Wake up to a pleasant and exciting sounding alarm or song! Place the alarm source away from your bed, so you can't reach over during REM sleep and turn it off. This happens to me a lot, causing me to be super late (unnecessary stress)!  This hopefully will get you up and out of bed without a struggle. 

3. Read your list from the night before, smile, and carry that gratitude with you through the day. 

4. Stretch to wake up your body, and after have a wholesome breakfast. Refined foods will only leave you hungry before its even lunch time! 

5. Lastly, make a promise to yourself of something you will strive achieve today. My promise today: to stay positive through out my rigorous work day. Because as I pass all of the unemployed on my daily walk to work, I am truly grateful to actually be working.


Love, Bianca. 

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